Getting to Know More About Reusable Menstrual Cups

Recently there have been developments that have been aimed to keep women comfortable when on their menstrual cycle as well as conserve the environment. Tampons and sanitary pads, although they are comfortable, are causing many problems to the environment during disposal. Today women can select Eco-friendly feminine hygiene products for use during their monthly cycle. These products can be reused after cleaning. One of the most popular of these menstrual products available in the market is the reusable menstrual cycle. You can learn more at

Women who have replaced sanitary pads with reusable menstrual cups have also got other different benefits. The reusable menstrual cups are economical since you do not have to purchase another every month you just need to clean them well. There are various brands of reusable menstrual cups available on the market. However, anyone you choose will save you money in the long term.

Reusable medical cups are made of medical grade silicone. Therefore the menstrual cup will be flexible, and it is inserted in the female organ just like a tampon. It is aimed at collecting the menstrual cycle fluid rather than soaking it. The reusable menstrual cycle will stay in use for longer since it holds up to thirty milliliters of fluids.This amount is a lot more than sanitary towels and tampons can be able to absorb and thus you can use a reusable cup without changing it for even up to twelve hours. You can get great options at

Regular menstrual cups are available in two sizes both regular sizes and large size. Large reusable menstrual cycle cups are designed mostly for women who have given birth. Most women empty the menstrual cup twice a day whoever the menstrual cup is also safe to sleep with. It is normal for you to rinse and insert the cup between uses during a menstrual period. Experts will recommend that you boil the menstrual cup in water after use. Some manufacturers in the market will also sell the washable menstrual cup with a hypo-allergic cleaning product specially designed to clean the cups.

After purchasing a menstrual cup, it is essential that you read the instructions. The instruction may vary from one brand of a menstrual cup to another and thus will act as a guide in the use of a menstrual cup. You will need to relax so as it becomes more comfortable for the menstrual cup to enter your female organ. The first time you insert the cups is the most difficult, but you get used to it, and it becomes more comfortable. Here's a video that can help you insert a menstrual cup effectively: